The Indian Reforms Process

It will be a cliche to say that Indian reforms are path-breaking. Though there are still many grey areas it has neverthless made giant strides in its ambitious reforms process.

The reforms process can be traced back to 1985 when Rajiv Gandhi was at the helm. But the real impetus was given from July 1991 by the then Prime minister Mr. P. V. Narasimha Rao when the country was at the verge of a macroeconomic and balance of payment crisis. The process which started with the abolition of antiquated FERA and MRTP acts changed our mindsets and ushered us into a new era of free market economy.

The significant changes that took place from July 1991 are summed up below
This had a far reaching impact on our economy which includes
While the grey areas of the reform has been
Some of the touchy and politically sensitive issues still to be tackled

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