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Why you should buy Equity Shares?
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Why you should buy Equity Shares:

In the recent times Indian Stock Market has witnessed two distinct phases.One is the scam period of 1992 which saw share prices rise to dizzy heights but fell down as rapidly wiping out many a fortune or saving. Then there was the post scam boom of 1994 which took the index over 4500 points, due to a spate of FII investment and a flurry of quick rise new issues. The market went limpid since then, falling steadily, under an over regulated SEBI period which removed speculation under the form of "Badla".

Looking back it seemed that SEBI and the Finance Ministry seemed to be convinced that a deluge of foreign investment was in the offing and a pre- election strategy of money supply and inflation control took hold. The Mexican economy's debacle and a sudden rise of US stocks, especially technology based ones put paid to those expectations. Fresh FII investment dwindled to practically nothing. Expectations of the re-introduction of Badla and the depository system again brought about a short rally but it was short lived - what with the UTI- Reliance rights placement, the MS shoes scandal, Enron and other FDI related issues. More than anything, it was the political uncertainty brewing within the Congress and the threat of a hung, post election parliament. The last straw on the camel's back was the PSU disinvestment failure which failed to ease the real squeeze on money supply. And now, it is the Hawala issue and the rupee fall. At the moment, most of the problems like Badla, depositories and Enron seem to be getting ironed out. The falling rupee is an economic issue which will have to be managed by our economic mandarins or it will eventually work it's way out in the foreign exchange sensitive sectors.

Among all these dark happenings there is a silver lining- it is for all to see (especially the FII's who are the prime movers of the market now) -that we have a functioning legal system (Enron,KFC etc.), a functioning democracy which is slowly turning transparent and established institutions and markets. The political uncertainty all of a sudden doesn't look too grave. According to most foreign emerging market pundits, India is the best emerging market BUY. And present stock market rally is because the FII's are taking a calculated risk on the post election scenario.

So our point is, are you missing a real opportunity ?

The Time To Buy ?

If asked the above question our straight forward reply would be : Yes, you should invest at least 25% of your funds now and more , if you have a high risk-return profile. There are various reasons:

Are not Fixed Deposits a better investment now?

Yes and No, even if we take into account the prevailing high interest rates that may be sustained for some more time.

If you are fully invested into fixed income securities like Fixed Deposits, debentures , bonds etc. this is the time to invest into equity upto 15% of your portfolio into equity - higher, if you can take on a higher risk.

What about Real Estate? Gold?

(If you want a more detailed explanation on our views on Real Estate and Gold contact us. It is a bit too elaborate to be explained here.)

Need For Personalised Service:

Investing exercise consists of two actions - selection and timing. Selection of a particular scrip can be made in many ways . Selection may be a difficult exercise considering the complexities of the times. The timing decision is equally important.

You need a personalised service for:

There is always an investment opportunity for the risk loving and the risk averse. To cash in these you need to have personalised service. Service synonymous to the name Amrok.

What We Offer:

We offer you a wide range of services the prime being broking, our core area of competence. Our large clientele base speaks for the timeliness of our execution and correct rates that we offer. You can buy through us in any of the major stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, DSE, CSE and Madras Stock Exchange. You can get On-line rates of NSE,BSE and MSE. You can get online confirmation for NSE and MSE . And we offer you extremely competitive brokerages. Your risk perception makes you a better judge about the returns you expect , however our portfolio advice can complement your judgement. Our portfolio advice's are backed up by the expertise we have in technical and fundamental analysis. We have classified our portfolio advice's into three according to the time and risk involved.
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