India beckons....

Here's some hard selling for India..... but we believe in it. Catchy phrases like "The uncaged tiger", "The elephant is on the move.." and "The giant awakens" may have caught your eye. You may also would have read about the comparisons being made to China and Mexico and some ASEAN nations - but India is unique.

We have tried to give a honest picture of India - the pros

and the cons

India is expected to achieve population control within this decade. A trickle down effect accompanying the present growth has ensured that the quality of life is increasing. There is conclusive economic evidence of a steady decline in poverty level. If the coming elections, due in a few months results in a stable government, then we are convinced that economic growth in India should truly accelerate. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur with a global outlook India should interest you.

It is inevitable that India will soon become a modern and dynamic economy largely driven by market forces in the coming years. The big boys know it and they are already here - you name it - Merrill Lynch, Goldmann Sachs, Morgan and Stanely, Templeton ...., Ford, Enron, Mercedes-Benz to name a few. Forget the big boys.....

This site is also for you - medium to small enterprises and individual entrepreuners who wish to take advantage of India's

If you have a viable project idea or the capital to invest we help you to network with the right people and institutions. Try networking through the web.. . . Take advantage of MakroIndia.

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